High-Performance Executive Coaching

Achieve Breakthrough Business Results in Record Time!

You’re a driven executive or senior leader who refuses to settle for second best when it comes to delivering outstanding results!

But perhaps, despite your best efforts, you’re not getting the results you want?

Maybe it feels like there are too many forces working against you, or holding you back from achieving your highest potential? Well, you're not alone!

In fact, the overwhelming majority of Executives and Senior Leaders today find themselves disappointed and frustrated by the sub-optimal results delivered by their teams, or exhausted and overloaded by the burgeoning workflow and ever-increasing pressure to deliver better results with fewer resources.

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Far too many Executives and Senior Leaders are;

Watching their dreams of huge success slipping away, or

Feeling their energy, passion and drive being sapped, or

Sacrificing more of their quality of life each year

....just to keep their head above water.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re disappointed or frustrated because:

  • Your team is under performing, dropping too many balls, making poor decisions and missing deadlines,
  • Team members don’t take ownership of problems or challenges and rely on you to find solutions,
  • You don’t have enough time to focus on driving growth because your time is consumed by operational activities or constant firefighting,
  • Office politics, finger-pointing and personal agendas are creating silos, inefficiency and loss of cohesion and co-operation, detracts from results and forward momentum,
  • You don’t have a life and despite the insane hours you work every week you don’t make headway,
  • The same problems keep cropping up, creating delays, backlogs and disruption to workflow , resulting in inefficiencies, confrontation and pressure from your peers and superiors,
  • You’re struggling to manage under performers “up or out” of the business, severely affecting the overall performance of your business unit,
  • Wasted resources and time, process inefficiencies, mistakes, carelessness, and rework are inflating costs and killing profitability and competitiveness,
  • Inconsistent results and missed targets are blemishing your reputation and eroding the confidence of superiors in your ability to deliver exceptional results,
  • Team members are doing the bare minimum to earn their pay check, making it virtually impossible to achieve winning results.
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Undoubtedly, not the picture you envisioned for your career?

But there's good news...
When equipped with the right leadership tools, you CAN achieve the level of success you’ve always dreamed of!

Add Rocket-fuel to Your Career Success


Get the expert support you deserve from a highly sought-after High-Performance Executive Coach and seasoned Executive who has the skills and experience to help you achieve the winning results you want:

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  • Raise performance levels to new highs with a high-performance team you can depend on to achieve results that consistently exceed expectations,
  • Free up time to drive strategy, innovate and lead your business unit to success, placing you ahead of the curve while eliminating time pressures to enjoy an even better quality of life,
  • Feel the weight lifted from your shoulders as competent team members take ownership of operational tasks and solve day to day challenges,
  • Elevate output levels with a galvanized, motivated and well-coordinated team at your side,
  • Cut down firefighting, rework, and avoidable mistakes, enabling you and your team to focus energy and resources on driving the business unit forward,
  • Slash costs through higher efficiencies and elimination of waste,
  • Gain an unfair business and leadership advantage with powerful success tools and insights that aren’t common knowledge,
  • Resolve stubborn problems for good, with progressive and expansive thinking strategies that get to the root cause fast.
  • Speed up reaction times and make even more effective decisions with the most important success measures at your fingertips,
  • Develop even greater confidence in your leadership abilities to rally support, overcome challenges and deliver better results year after year,
  • Improve business results quickly by identifying profit leaks and extracting even greater value from existing resources,
  • Build an even more compelling personal brand earned by achieving exceptional results in record time.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because every Executive gets results relating specifically to their most important needs through our High-Performance Executive Coaching Program.

How we help you get record breaking results in record time

A highly-tailored process that unleashes breakthrough results

Personalized around you

The High-Performance Executive Coaching Program is a highly personalized program designed around your specific needs and objectives to ensure you achieve measurable results and gain maximum value in the areas most important to you.

Best of both worlds

Your Executive Coach has extensive business experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and will share powerful insights and success secrets from both worlds, that aren’t common knowledge.

Master the people stuff

Business performance is a direct reflection of human performance, so having an Executive Coach who is also a cognitive behavioural specialist, gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to overcoming people challenges and supercharging productivity and performance.

We take your success personally

Our highest objective is seeing our Clients succeed, so you will gain an invaluable ally who’s got your back, a confidante you can rely on to support you through the toughest challenges, and an experienced guide who’s as passionate about your success as you are and will hold you accountable to your dreams.

What does the HIGH-PERFORMANCE Coaching Program look like?


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Your High-Performance Executive Coaching Program kicks off with a welcome call from your Executive Coach when you’ll also agree on your coaching calendar and schedule your Inquiry Call.

During this Call we crystallize your desired objectives, identify measures of success, and delve into the deeper structure and root cause of specific challenges you’re encountering.


Armed with insights gleaned from the exploration process, your Coach will tailor a results-driven coaching plan to meet your specific needs.


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Scheduled Power Coaching Sessions
Your Coach engages with you every week, to help you break through any barriers and share tools and insights to gain momentum fast.

On Demand Coaching Support
As a confidante and valuable sounding board, you can draw on your Coach between sessions when you need support with making key decisions, dealing with tough situations, or solving pressing problems as they arise.

Practical Application
Complete powerful exercises designed to accelerate your growth and apply newly acquired insights, tools and strategies to unleash breakthrough results.


Throughout the Coaching engagement, your Coach will assess progress against your objectives and dynamically adapt and refine the coaching plan to ensure you get the best results from the program.

You could literally be just a few steps away from achieving your highest objectives and aspirations
So, Just Decide to make it happen... and we'll walk you through the HOW!

"Total self-belief that I can accomplish anything"

Roshan Moonsamy, Senior Leader, Standard Bank

R. Moonsamy

“My executive coaching experience was a journey of unbelievable evolution, now that I look back. Before I started the coaching sessions, I always thought that I needed something more to take me to my next level and this weighed me down constantly. When I started the coaching sessions, I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether it would help but I knew I needed to do something different. I’ve been on numerous soft skills courses before and could take a little away from each course that helped me grow but this time I needed something more, something specific that was tailor made for me. I opted to have these coaching sessions with Carmen who had been recommended to me by one of the senior executives in the organization. Like I said earlier, I did not know what to expect and how much I’d gain/learn from these sessions, then the sessions started and I was taken aback in a positive way. Carmen started by taking time out to really understand me and what made me who I am today and in the sessions that followed, she just constantly built me up at a rapid pace. There were some new skills that she taught me but most importantly she focused on strengthening the skills I already had but never knew the value of. The time spent with Carmen was a journey of evolution for me from shying away from certain scenarios in my life and business to facing them head on with much more confidence and ease. I never thought that this was possible at the time but now when I look back I wonder why I felt the way I did. I have moved to a state of confidence, total self-belief that I can accomplish anything in my career and more importantly anything in my life. Thank you Carmen.”


Not everyone wants to pioneer change, or they simply aren’t cut out to drive growth and lead the charge of our social or economic evolution. And that’s ok, because everyone still plays a part.

True leaders formulate new ideas, paint the target and gather and coordinate the necessary resources to make it happen.

Followers take instruction from leaders and do the work.

However, to become a successful leader who knows how to build successful businesses, requires a unique set of skills that aren’t taught or developed in traditional learning environments and our role is to support these intrepid pioneers in developing these skills quickly, to ensure their businesses are a success.

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Gary Chapman, General Manager, Acacia Mining

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