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What you get when you sign up ​today!

​Get  a 10-4-1 package... It's  like having 10 warriors  at  your  side!

                        You can count on your Seasoned Business Coach to be your:

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​Breakthrough Specialist ​To help you break through ​Success  Barriers to achieve next level success

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Sparring Partner to challenge your thinking and to set the bar higher

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Business Mentor to support you in finding the best solutions to pressing challenges

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Confidante you can count on for support and honest feedback

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Sounding Board to help you make well informed decisions quicker

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Brainstorm Buddy to help you create freely without judgement

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Accountability Partner to hold you accountable to your goals and dreams

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No BS Ally who will call you when you need to be called

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Objective Resource for a big picture perspective family and friends cannot provide

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Friend you can turn to and never feel alone again as an entrepreneur

Beyond Results Business Coaching helps driven entrepreneurs raise their game to win the game!

​Get a massive edge with proven, cutting edge insights & tools

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Quickly identify the most lucrative path to the next level of success

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Step up your strategy to build a profitable and thriving business

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Create unstoppable momentum to stop or guard against a stuck phase or sluggish results ​

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Boost business growth with the hidden rules of business success in your arsenal

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Build magnetic confidence to get buy-in and attract the right resources to help you win the game

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​Create a robust business that supports the achievement of your major goals ​

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Be fulfilled in business and in life with more quality time to ​do what matters most to you

​Get Set-4-Success through a dynamic coaching model!

A High Impact Coaching Methodology


​Be  'Geared to Succeed'  ​through high impact 1-2-1 coaching

Your Monthly ​Investment of $3,497 includes:

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    ​Four x  1-2-1 Power Coaching Sessions with an experienced Business Coach renowned for getting results  (90 minutes each)
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    ​Unlimited email support on demand  to ensure you're constantly moving  forward
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    Regular ​progress 'check-ins' to fast track your  results

PLUS, FREE BONUSES  VALUED AT $5,747  for contracts 3-months or more in duration, including:

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    2-Hr Inquiry & Visioning Session ​+ Analysis valued at $2,900 - ​Success plan to ​get you onto a winning path fast
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    Profit Pyrometer Assessment & Analysis valued at $1,950 - Identify low hanging fruit for quick wins
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    1-Hr ​Strategic Session:  Securing Your Future Success valued at $897 ​  

​ Note:  ​Bonus  for a  1-month  contract  -  Profit  Pyrometer  Assessment  &  Analysis  ​valued  at  $1,950 

What’s Different About Beyond Results Business Coaching?

No more guessing with access to a cutting edge, proven success toolkit

Get access to a proven, practical
business success toolkit honed
over 2 decades that sets you up for success fast and helps you
identify and leverage the low hanging fruit in your business.

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Get tangible results fast with the support of a top-rated business coach

Be coached by a top-rated business coach with a track record for results and benefit from her corporate executive and entrepreneurial experience plus human performance specialization that gives you an added edge.

Build unstoppable momentum and be geared for next level success

Be inspired by a strengths-based
approach designed to help you build unstoppable momentum fast. Your coach believes in adding powerful layers onto what is already great, to help you build a magnetic confidence that opens doors and gets results.

Shift onto an accelerated success track using what you already have

Having personally triumphed
over many grueling challenges,
your coach has an uncanny ability to support you in moving through any obstacles and accelerating success using what you already have.

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Leverage current
challenges to harvest new opportunities

Get access to powerful tools to
use current challenges to open new doors and harvest  opportunities.

Discover the hidden rules
of success and get set to win the business game

Discover the hidden rules of success that gears you to achieve your major goals and ultimately win the business game.

My Coaching Promise To You

Beyond Results Business Coaching is a highly personalized program tailored around your specific needs. Time is blocked out for you each week, which is why we do not offer a money back guarantee.

However, I do offer a promise that I stand by. I will give you a 100% commitment to support you and leave no stone unturned to help you get the results we set together at the outset of the program.

Your success is as important to me as my own. I pride myself in my commitment to my clients results which has become the hallmark of my own success.

All I ask is that you commit 100% to your own success and apply the insights and tools so that you can reap the benefits of this life and business changing program. With my support and your commitment to your own success, we can achieve whatever we put our minds to.

If for some unfortunate reason you wish to cancel your contract, ​I will not lock you in​. ​All ​I ask is for you to give specific reasons for your cancellation, as well as at least 2 weeks’ notice before the start of the following coaching month.

Ready to be the next Wilde Success Story?

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No Profit to Doubling the Business & Big Profit

Jonathan Holden, Group Executive Operations, Innovation Group

“The results show for themselves. What we’ve managed to do is take a business that was making no profit, off about a 50 million revenue base. We’ve doubled the business ​and we are making about 20 million profit now.

Has the coaching given me an advantage? Absolutely! I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t been through it.

You have that sounding board when you need it… Really, it’s been a wonderful experience and it’s changed my life and I hope more and more people can experience it and spread the word”

Returns are a Thousand Fold

Jackie Mayimela, Founder: Kaelo Resources

Jackie describes how they hit sales of 8 million in their first year of business because through Business Coaching he created a winning business plan, discovered what works and what does not work, how to hire a great team as well as how to leverage his and the business’s strengths.

He says without this guidance they would never have hit break-even let alone reach this milestone within the first two months of business. He says the returns on their investment are a thousand-fold and the value output from the coaching elevated him to another level so much so that they become the benchmark in their industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this different to other coaching programs?

How long is a typical coaching engagement?

What happens during the coaching sessions?

How long are the coaching sessions?

Is the program theoretical or is there practical application?

How much time do I need to allocate to the coaching every week?

What if something comes up for me and I need urgent assistance from my coach?

Who are your typical business coaching clients?

What kind of problems do you help your clients solve?

What kind of ROI can your clients expect?

Some consultants create a dependency, how do you ensure your clients are empowered?

What happens after the coaching engagement has ended?

I look forward to gearing you for Unstoppable Success and being witness to you achieving your Wildest Dreams!
Carmen Wilde

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