Being An Entrepreneur Can Often Feel Like You’re In Stormy Water With No End To The Dark Clouds…

Navigating your business ship to calm water can either be the most thrilling adventure or a terrifying experience that leaves you feeling anxious and wishing you’d got a day job instead.

Over the last two decades my corporate and entrepreneurial journey has been punctuated with some hair-raising challenges, ranging from disappointing business failure to toxic business partnerships that led to significant financial loss, and even being wiped out of business overnight and having to start all over again. Add the usual day-to-day business frenzy into the mix and it can  feel like there is no silver lining, which can lead to you falling out of love with your business.

As entrepreneurs we like to think we have all the answers and can go it alone. But after hitting one too many brick walls, even as a coach I finally discovered the value of having coaches and mentors at my disposal to help me navigate the minefield of business challenges. This helped me rapidly make the switch from sporadic success to Wilde Success! And business became fun again!

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Silver Lining, On-Demand Coaching is ideal for you, if you…

  • Need insightful guidance in making tough and well informed decisions
  • Feel stuck and need help looking at a business problem from different angles, to find the most elegant solution
  • Want tailored support for your unique business situation…not a cookie cutter solution
  • Need an objective source to help you see what you’re not seeing, to help you move your business forward
  • Want help from a seasoned entrepreneur to test and refine your business growth ideas
  • Want to accelerate business growth and progress and need a trusted ally to hold you accountable and keep you on track
  • Want simple, proven tools to help you take big strides forward in your business
  • Feel alone and want a business buddy whose got your back
  • Want guidance from someone whose been in the trenches, to help avoid the traps entrepreneurs fall into when they’re too close to the problem
  • Need the extra push and inspiration to achieve what you know you’re capable of
  • Need help removing the clutter and prioritizing your action plan to gain momentum fast and have a life
Wilde Success, Business Coach, Business Coaching, Carmen Wilde, Silver Lining, On Demand Coaching
Wilde Success, Business Coach, Business Coaching, Carmen Wilde, Silver Lining, On Demand Coaching
Wilde Success, Business Coach, Business Coaching, Carmen Wilde, Silver Lining, On Demand Coaching

Quick Impact
It’s amazing to see it all work and have impact so quickly.

N. Daskal

Wilde Success, Business Coach, Business Coaching, Carmen Wilde, Silver Lining, On Demand Coaching, N. Daskal

Imagine you could STOP business feeling like a daily struggle with incessant challenges creating overload and draining energy and resources.

What if you could STOP the stuck phase and the frustration of retarded growth in spite of all your hard work?

​What opportunities would become possible ​if you could STOP money being left on the table?

What if you could STOP the disappointment of not yet achieving what you know you're capable of?

What if you could STOP the feeling of being trapped by the very thing that was supposed to set you free… your business?

What if you no longer had to fight the business battle alone?

How much time would free up for you, if ​your ​pressing business questions could be answered, leading to quicker resolution of business challenges?

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Gear yourself to succeed with access to expert help at your fingertips for just $397/month. 

Benefits of Silver Lining, On-Demand Coaching

Get Clarity… Get Traction… Get Set for Success

Enjoy peace of mind
Get immediate access to expert support from a seasoned coach with a track record of results.

Your specific problems solved
Get personalized guidance to help you overcome challenges specific to you and your business.

Be in control of your time
You’re not limited by schedules, mail your questions as and when they come up.

Rapid resolution
Get ​tailor made responses within 24 hours or less.

Affordable expert support
Expert support for the cost of a smoothie every day.

Never feel stuck again
Ask as many questions as you want ​for the duration of your subscription.

Never have a backlog again
Tackle real problems in real time.

Get traction fast
Solve pressing problems quickly to get traction and build momentum fast.

Fall in love with your business
Knowing you will find the silver lining makes business so much more fulfilling.

How Does Silver Lining, On-Demand Coaching Get You Unstuck And
Building Momentum Fast?

The solution to every problem is attached to the right question and my job is to guide you to find the right questions that lead to the most elegant solutions. I’ll challenge your thinking when required and help you see what’s often difficult to see when we’re too close to the problem. When required I’ll offer recommendations, new perspectives and alternatives. My aim is to help you move from being immersed in the problem to focusing on implementing solutions that gain traction and build momentum. When you’re closing gaps daily, you build a whole new energy around your business, doors open and growth becomes inevitable.

Increased income dramatically
I had a blockage in my company that I could not see, the coaching quickly helped me realize this and increased income drastically. Carmen is an excellent coach.

M. Dixon

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Examples of Questions our clients ask…

  • How do I stop sweating the small stuff?
  • How do I eliminate the side shows that cause distractions?
  • How do I create more certainty?
  • How do I stay composed?
  • How do I get back in control of my life and business?
  • How do I build greater confidence?
  • How do I become more resilient?
  • How do I bounce back quicker from disappointment?
  • How do I create a personal edge?
  • How do I re-build my confidence after the many knocks I've taken?
  • I need to push my boundaries to grow my business but how do I overcome my fear of failure?
  • My business is draining me, how do I become energized again?
  • How do I deal with an overwhelming workload and burnout?

About Carmen Wilde, Your Business Breakthrough Coach

Carmen Wilde is a top-rated, High-Performance Business Coach,  Breakthrough and Behavioral  Specialist who gears driven Entrepreneurs for Next-Level success by helping them Switch-On their success potential so they can ​build unstoppable momentum and be a Wilde Success.

By age 30, Carmen was an international division head for a billion-dollar organization and a self-made millionaire. She’s a successful multinational entrepreneur, brings to the table 20+ years of commercial experience and is a certified Business, Executive, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach​ and has an honours degree in Clinical Psychology.

Armed with exceptional coaching skills, cutting-edge insights and a proven business success toolkit, Carmen’s helped hundreds of business leaders unleash hidden potential and achieve breakthrough results… from doubling growth and building 7-figure businesses in less than a year, to shifting from ‘Setback to Success Track’ and building Magnetic Confidence.

Carmen was featured in on how she became a millionaire as a salaried employee and her business features include articles in Business Insider & Thrive Global. Living on the tropical island of Mauritius is the realization of a teenage dream and testament to her motto, “You can have anything you want, Just Decide!!” Her mission and driving force is to help as many driven entrepreneurs as possible unlock their success potential so they can find their piece of paradise and achieve the Wilde Success they deserve…because she believes entrepreneurs have the potential and grit to make the world a profoundly better place!  

Rocket Fuel
She’s rocket fuel, she’s her own brand of rocket fuel, and if you get Carmen’s brand of rocket fuel in your engine, you’re going to reach the stratosphere…she’s a force, that’s how I describe her and she teaches you to be the force.

A. Govender

How to get the most out of Silver Lining, On-Demand Coaching

  • Take ownership and drive the process
  • Prioritize your list of questions to focus on finding solutions that will give you the most traction
  • Ask specific questions about the problem and describe the desired outcome
  • Act with urgency on every response to enjoy quick wins
  • Provide feedback regarding what's working or not to allow me to dynamically adapt to your needs
  • Celebrate your wins

Ready to get started, here’s what happens after you sign up

Provided success insights
It taught me to continually strive for excellence…provides meaningful insight on
to become a success in the business world.

C. Morais

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Your future is determined by what you do today…
Get solutions fast & be set for the success you deserve!

Wilde Success, Business Coach, Business Coaching, Carmen Wilde, Silver Lining, On Demand Coaching

“I look forward to supporting you in finding the Silver Lining, so you can ​close  in  on your goals and achieve the success you deserve .” Carmen Wilde

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