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A program for the person who not only wants to walk with winners but lead winners!

I used to think I could not land new deals and now through this program I’ve realized I’m incredibly powerful and that if I apply my mind I can add value in every situation. Inspired me to set the bar high. A program for the person who not only wants to walk with winners but lead winners!

J. Davids

Much higher success rate than any other program

Much higher success rate than any other development program I’ve ever attended. For the first time I understand that all the things I worry about at work I can in fact control. It’s given me solutions and helped make it possible for me to grasp all opportunities coming my way without being held back by fear of the unknown.

W. van Wyk

You get results guaranteed!

I’ve become more solutions driven, I now truly believe I’m the master of my fate and captain of my soul. This program changes the way you see the world, you get results guaranteed.

K. Moshoeshoe

Brilliant program, improved performance

Brilliant program if you want to make quick progress in a short amount of time. It helped me focus and improve performance.

N. Soares

Woman of strength

Carmen you are simply the most remarkable woman of strength I’ve ever known.

F. Baki

Mind blowing program

This was a mind-blowing program and Gary was heaps of fun.

R. Jeewa

Became a productive leader

Helped me improve my work behavior and become a productive leader by understanding the value of time.

G. Zumba

Delivering greater value

My solutions focused thinking learnt on the program has helped me deliver greater value to the bank.

K. Moikwatlhai

Foundation for greatness

Provided me with a great foundation for greatness, I’m bolder in my ambitions and act with greater conviction.

K. Dilotsotlhe

Changed my life

It changed my life, I am now confident to make decisions necessary to move forward and I’m living a bold life.

J. Du Plessis

I’m destined for great things

Best training I’ve been on, inspirational and relevant, it’s given me an edge. After this I believe I’m destined for great things.


Thank you for teaching me how to take control.

Carmen is an inspiration and a blessing not only to her mentees but to all women in the world. Thank you for teaching me how to take control. The sessions are educational and exciting and engages your whole mind. It’s not only about the program for Carmen…it’s more about her audience and their future and that they have the tools to succeed. She is so selfless and absolutely amazing.


One of the best classes I’ve ever attended.

The class is more practical from a business point of view and what actually happens at work. The organization will change completely when leaders build trust and start delegating. It’s one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It helps to create self-awareness, an important step towards change. The program is different because it opens your eyes to what you do every day that you never realized before. Gary is fantastic and one thing I liked most is his willingness to accommodate each idea from the members.


Quick impact

Gave me lots of little pearls of wisdom. I’m more focused, building better relationships, tracking my progress and seeing the big picture. It’s amazing to see it all work and have impact so quickly.

N. Daskal

Eye opening

Helped me think differently about the potential I have within.

L. Mautloa

Vital leadership concepts

Gary taught me concepts that are vital to leadership. I.e. How to manage my time, prioritize my work and how to delegate my work.


Self-confidence I can be whatever I want to be

Enabled me to tap into a level of self-confidence and belief that I can be whatever I want to be.

T. Ndlovu

Relevant and unique

The program is highly relevant and unique. Carmen is optimistic, knowledgeable and energetic.

S. Govender

Helped me focus

Gary’s real world business experience helped me focus on key areas that impact & influence the attainment of my goals.

C. Naidoo

Streamlined skills & achieved my goals

After the first session I already felt as if I was back in the driver’s seat of my life. Now that I have completed the programme, I have successfully let go of debilitating baggage which did not serve me. Thank you, Carmen, I belong to myself today and have taken back my own power. You’ve taught me to be wiser with my energy and to focus on the goals which truly matter to me, you assisted me in streamlining my skills and helped me achieve my goals. Carmen ignites a fire in others to step into the driver’s seat, take control & succeed. She is dynamic, impressive & a world class subject matter expert.


Guaranteed to improve performance

This is an excellent, cutting edge program, well researched and delivered with passion. It’s highly recommended and guaranteed to improve performance, it’s miles ahead of any other program I’ve attended.


Total self-belief that I can accomplish anything

My coaching experience was a journey of unbelievable evolution, now that I look back. Before I started the coaching sessions, I always thought that I needed something more to take me to my next level and this weighed me down constantly. When I started the coaching sessions, I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether it would help but I knew I needed to do something different.

I’ve been on numerous soft skills courses before and could take a little away from each course that helped me grow but this time I needed something more, something specific that was tailored made for me. I opted to have these coaching sessions with Carmen who had been recommended to me by one of the senior executives in the organization. Like I said earlier, I did not know what to expect and how much I’d gain/learn from these sessions, then the sessions started and I was taken back, i.e. in a positive way.

Carmen started by taking the time out to really understand me, what made who I am today and from there in the sessions that followed, she just constantly built me up at a rapid pace. There were some new skills that she was allowing me to learn but most importantly she focused on strengthening the skills I already had but never knew the value of them. The time spent with Carmen was a journey of evolution for me, from shying away from certain scenarios in my life, to facing them head on with much more confidence and with ease. I never thought that this was possible at the time but now when I look back I wonder why I felt the way I did.

I have moved to state of confidence, total self-belief that I can accomplish anything in my career and more importantly anything in my life.

Thank you, Carmen.

R. Moonsamy

Living my dreams and goals from a place of strength

I have learnt so much from Carmen, she inspired me to develop into who I was created to be. It was through working with Carmen that I began to live my life by my dreams and goals and from a place of strength! Carmen allowed me to quickly focus and put structures in place and helped me find an approach to dealing with uncertainties and problems that allows me to defy boundaries and exude positive energy which ultimately makes all the difference in overcoming obstacles.

I am proud of my newly discovered ability to ‘think bigger’ and set great goals that are tailor-made to my lifestyle and values. I now put almost all of my ideas into action. The most fantastic thing about her advice is learning techniques to tap into the endless possibilities I can create for myself.

Carmen’s insight and direction is invaluable and you cannot help catch her enthusiasm for life. Her direction/concise approach to problem solving makes her a valuable commodity in her field. Carmen is just amazing, incredibly caring and with her vibrant, positive attitude, understanding and patience, she has a wonderful ability to unlock life & business secrets for anyone privileged enough to experience her coaching.

And it is without reservation that I recommend to any person who is seeking to improve your quality of life, career or business, or struggling with a big decision/problem/issue, or just want to live a more fulfilling, positive, passionate life but don’t know where to start or how to go about it, I recommend Carmen Wilde to you.

Prepare to be challenged, and prepare for change.

F. Cassim

Increased profits

The program helped to increase business profits!

T. Ramkhelawan

Material reaches the core of you

My mind was engaged throughout. Carmen captures your attention and the material reaches the core of you.

T. Mogaladi

Helped me find solutions

It was personalized and helped me find solutions to the things I was struggling with. Taught me everything is possible. Carmen is motivating and inspirational.

M. Koorzen

Small changes, great impact

The time tracker made it relevant and easy to see where positive changes could be made & what high value activities to focus on. Small changes, great impact.

B. Brown

Significant improvements in operational measures

The insights Gary taught will allow me to focus on the most important activities causing a significant improvement in operational measures.

J. Moss

I’ve evolved in my thinking and see the world through new eyes

The program has enabled me to build a toolkit to work towards my goals. The Influence module in particular contributed a lot. I’ve been applying the basics I learnt and I must say I have seen a major improvement in my interactions, particularly with my clients. I’ve evolved in my thinking over the last 5 months. The biggest thing it gave me is the ability to really look inwardly, to put a peg in the ground, to critically look at my habits and what I do with my time, what I do to psyche myself up and how I fit into life in general and what my purpose is.

It taught me how to build relationships with people and the importance of being aware of the circles you’re in, what you talk about and over the last 2 months I’ve changed a lot in terms of what I talk about on a daily basis. It’s helped me realize what I really want in life and what makes me happy. The key thing that I would have liked to gain, and have actually gained from the program, is seeing the world through new eyes. Seeing opportunity in instances of failure and/or impossible odds.

“Taking Control” was also a big take away for me. It enabled me to see beyond the system and really learn to understand and capitalize on opportunities available to me.

M. Mthami

Developed leaders who influence and harvest opportunity

I never expected to see the results that we saw. It was amazing to see how the young CA leaders evolved and utilized the skill sets provided to take control of their careers. It’s changed the CA program from a supply based program to a demand based program where business is keen to appoint them because we’ve developed leaders who are able to influence and harvest opportunity


Attained several successes

Helped me attain several successes and helped me develop our team strategy. I think with the end in mind all the time now which enables me to move forward quickly. After the coaching I now believe nothing will stand in the way of me achieving my highest potential or aspirations.

M. Conidaris

Helps free up wasted time

Brings to light the reality of time and time management and will free up most of the wasted time. It’s different, practical, straight to the point and well researched.

J. Reuben

Learnt more in hours than I’ve learnt in years

I learnt more from Gary in hours than I’ve learnt in years. He’s inspiring, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met and his presence can be felt without him saying a word. The value of the workshop – priceless.

L. van Jaarsveld

I can conquer the world

Spending a few hours with Carmen made me feel like I can conquer the world. She’s phenomenal. She showed me how to bring the ordinary into the extraordinary. More than workshops, they’re lessons for life.

F. Cassim

Provided clarity

Gary is an excellent facilitator, his passion shows through.
This helped bring together a number of issues I’ve been grappling with and provided clarity on solving them.

J. Connell

Experienced big changes in my life

I’ve experienced big changes in my life thanks to Gary. I have more confidence, I’m making better decisions and people are responding positively to the changes they see in me.

W. Jacobs

J. Hammer

Performance dramatically improved

Very rarely do you see someone (sadly besides yourself) getting excited about your future and success…this is Carmen. Through her coaching our performance has dramatically improved. We now challenge ourselves to ask the right questions and we’ve become a solutions team driven. Our hard work is finally yielding results.

P. Geleta

Created awareness of the possibilities that exist

Gary is a good, practical presenter from a business point of view and what actually happens in the workplace. The organization will change completely when leaders build trust and start delegating. It’s one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It helps to create self-awareness, an important step towards change. The program is different because it opens your eyes to what you do every day that you never realized before. Gary is fantastic and one thing I liked most is his willingness to accommodate each idea from members

S. Derksen

Revolutionized my business

Carmen is a passionate individual who stands out from the crowd when it comes to coaching. She revolutionized my business giving me a clear vision of my future and has help set in place a roll-out that compliments my strengths. I can never thank you enough Carmen for what you have done for me. I highly recommend her as a coach who will make a profound impact in your business or career – as she did for me.

T. Jones

Empowered my team to achieve great results

Gary is inspiring, dynamic and has good energy. He inspires you to want to change / take action. Delegating will help free up my time, help me focus on the actual work role, which will provide me with a challenge / stretch to reach high potential. This empowered and developed my team to achieve great results.

G. Heron

Wide range of expertise helped me massively

I was most impressed by Carmen’s wide range of expertise – she focused on providing a holistic solution for me which encompassed both career, business and personal development. She can seamlessly transition from providing practical and personalized life skills to insightful solutions to real-time business situations. She has a wealth of knowledge gained from academic study as well as personal and business experience and this resulted in assistance and advice that really resonated with me. Her warmth, genuine interest and optimistic outlook made her an absolute pleasure to work with and she helped me massively! I highly recommend her! Thanks again for all the assistance!

Discovered myself

Found solutions and saw positive aspects of myself. I discovered myself. Carmen is amazing.

M. Kekana

Speaks with passion

Gary’s heart is in the facilitation. He speaks with passion from an experience base

N. Schoeman

Taking greater action

My thoughts have changed from fear of failure towards giving 100% of myself and taking greater action.

L. Mafuya

Increased my confidence levels

Taught me to focus on my strengths, now I know what I’m good at and it’s increased my confidence levels.

T. Hlahla

Focused on what makes a difference to the business

We hold onto old habits. Helped me focus on what makes a difference to the business. Gary has a great understanding of what needs to happen to create change.

J. Vieira

More productive

Assisted me to plan work and execute to become more productive. I now understand how to free up time and be more productive.

N. Mboya

Dr. Z. Musiba

Excellent class

Gary is very eloquent and knowledgeable. Value was added through an interactive teaching technique linking elements of the course to the workplace. A time log helps you to scientifically map out how you spend your time at work. Excellent class on delegation. The class is different because it can be easily used at the workplace. Breaks down in easy practical terms what to delegate, when and to whom. Doing all this without relinquishing accountability

T. Naicker


Gary was excellent. He’s honest, speaks well and is very interesting. He’s good at what he does and his track record is testimony to this. Quite a funny guy.

J. van der Westhuyzen


It’s very easy to listen to Gary as he has a very warm, charming, honest approach, and has the experience he is teaching about so it was very relevant.

S. Kuta

A wonderful facilitator

Gary is a wonderful facilitator. I learnt how to manage people effectively & efficiently and focus on value adding business activities.

G. Asongo

Helped me manage wasted time

Content was concise, excellent delivery and well explained. Gary helped me manage wasted time.

Reiterated to me that I am destined for great things in this life

Carmen once again, amazing. I am simply blown away. I love the fact that this session has reiterated to me that I am destined for great things in this life. Carmen in your gentle, way you kick serious ass. Your stories, your way of communication is such a breath of fresh air. You truly are the Dynamic in your company. I am inspired! Everyone in every aspect, on every level can benefit from this.

K. Janse van Vuuren

I discovered untapped abilities that will be beneficial to me financially

The program was enlightening, I have discovered that some of my social traits can be useful in the marketplace. I enjoyed the interaction and realization of my hidden talents. I am geared for action and I’m going to re-set my goals. I realize I need to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t do. Carmen is knowledgeable in her subject matter and made it easy for all of us to engage and share experiences, she made it practical, enjoyable and do-able. This made me aware of my worth and I discovered untapped abilities that will be beneficial to me financially.

Dr. S. Kgalamono

Became a high performer

The program helped me take control, make the most of opportunities, taught me how to turn challenges into opportunities & become a high performer. Carmen is excellent & very knowledgeable in this field.

M. Mangera

Demonstrated the importance of planning and measurement

The exercises demonstrated clearly the importance of planning / structure, what is in fact important to focus on and the importance of measurement. Gary is direct, to the point, focused and passionate.

D. Van der Walt

Excellent framework

Gary is extremely passionate on the subject matter and this a ‘real’ differentiator. Excellent detailed framework of reference & instrumentation driving the ultimate master delegation objective

M. Harrison

I. Baswanth

Enhance work / life balance

Will enhance work / life balance, productivity and value add in meetings. I won’t allow emails to control my time and focus. I can now clearly define the rules of engagement with my team. Gary’s practical application makes it more relevant.

O. Khasu

Helped me realize how I can impact my family, friends, entire community and country

I am excited to have unleashed my awareness in terms of my potential. The time spent in this session helped me realize how I can impact my family, friends, entire community and country. Carmen is humble, simple in explaining the concepts, well skilled and very dynamic. I am able to see my vision through her personal experiences. This kind of a coaching program can help me in achieving my career goals.

R. Mokonyane

I’m on a journey to reach new frontiers and excited about new opportunities ahead

A great, thought provoking program. I realized I have all it takes to achieve my dreams. It’s important to break down the false beliefs and unleash the potential we all have. Carmen is a great & inspiring coach, I find great insights and learning every time she speaks, what a shining star. I’m now on a journey to reach new frontiers and excited about new opportunities ahead.