The #1 Leadership Skill That Gets Buy-In Like Nothing Else In The World!

What is the single most powerful leadership skill the world’s greatest leaders tap into to build corporate empires and drive social reform?

This skill has such magnetic influence on human behavior and is so compelling, it even has the power to override sensibility.

And conversely, it’s a skill the most notorious leaders have exploited to defraud millions, or amass blind support for their perverse social, political and religious agendas.

That powerful skill is Confidence, which gets buy-in and sells like nothing else in the world!

Confidence drives growth and paves the way for killer business results

I’m sure you’ve noticed the difference in performance levels and results achieved by confident people whose behavior is characterized by focus, decisiveness and action, compared to those who lack confidence and are scattered, indecisive and hesitant to take action. Miles apart, right?

Authentic confidence is a bi-product of self-belief, which is acquired with knowledge, experience, and a healthy dose of humility, and mustn’t be confused with arrogance, self-importance, egotism, superiority and conceitedness, which sit on the opposite side of the scale.

So, to achieve killer results, business leaders need to constantly be building and broadening their self confidence in all areas of business, different situations and various surroundings. It’s a never-ending journey, yet an immensely rewarding one.

But developing our own self confidence is just the start to witnessing the power of confidence, in driving growth and achieving killer results in business.

The best business leaders build the confidence of others

Just as our confidence levels affect business performance, the confidence levels of anyone engaged with our business has a direct impact on performance and results.

Confident business leaders inspire certainty, peace of mind, and a sense of security in the hearts and minds of those who depend on them for direction (staff), results (investors) and satisfaction (customers), which in turn builds confidence.

And given that certainty/security constitutes the first and most important of our core human needs, which we constantly strive to satisfy and maintain, it’s no wonder confidence is such a compelling and attractive trait.

So, part of our job as business leaders, is to help our leaders, staff, suppliers, stakeholders and even customers build their own self confidence.

Team members who believe in themselves, their abilities and even their potential, operate on a different level to those with less confidence. They’re more energized, resourceful, focused, decisive, resilient, and tenacious.

Fascinating Fact

Many leaders are afraid of building their team members’ confidence and skill levels, mostly because they see this as a threat to their ‘power base’ or job security, yet by succumbing to this fear, they’re destroying the leverage they need, to achieve killer results… because they’re not going to do it on their own, and certainly not with team members holding them back, or working against them.

 Our levels of confidence impact every area of our lives

Our confidence levels influence:

  • What state we wake up in,
  • how much energy we have to tackle the day,
  • how we engage with and present ourselves to the world,
  • how resourceful, creative and resilient we are,
  • what we achieve through the day, and how we finish our day.

The subject of building and maintaining high levels of self-confidence is vast, multifaceted, intricate and delicate… yet so critical to develop. This is why at Wilde Success we’ve dedicated thousands of hours over the last 25 years to demystifying its complexities, so we can help clients build or restore confidence quickly.

The confidence formula for each person, is as unique as their life story, however there are some simple steps anyone can follow to boost self-confidence.

When coaching clients, a key starting point I use to build or boost confidence is to:
Focus on your strengths and to even shape your role and business focus around playing to your strengths.

When you play to your strengths, it sets you up for quick wins which quickly boosts your confidence.

Confidence is key to your success

If  your confidence has been knocked through setbacks, don’t go it alone, do what it takes to restore it quickly!

Sometimes life throws very tough challenges, disappointments or disasters our way that can shatter even the highest confidence levels, and can be difficult, or seem impossible to bounce back from.

This is when the wisest thing to do, is ask for help from someone with the skill and experience to help you navigate the storm and restore your confidence.

Confidence is a skill that can be learnt! By continuously developing this compelling skill, you’ll be setting yourself up for continuous success and a future you’re proud of.

To Your Wilde Success
Carmen Wilde

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