How To Finish 2017 Strong Whether You’ve Had A Good Year Or Not

The intoxicating rush that comes with success

We all crave that intoxicating feeling of success, which is the reward for all our hard work, tenacity and ‘stubborn’ pursuit of our dreams regardless of what obstacles are thrown at us.

And when we finish off the year strong, that sense of accomplishment is invigorating and sets us up to step into the New Year with sparking enthusiasm, and unswerving confidence we can achieve even greater things.

Whether you’ve had a tough year or a great year, with only a few weeks left of 2017, what can you do to ensure you finish this year strong?

How to finish a tough year strong!

If you’ve had a tough year, littered with challenges and disappointments you can still end the year strong and set yourself up for Wilde Success in 2018 by taking these 3 simple steps:

1. Spend five focused minutes writing down 25 wins, successes, achievements, breakthroughs, lessons and anything that went right for you in 2017 no matter how big or small in any area of your life. When we shift our focus to what’s going right, it lifts our energy and inspires us to create even bigger wins.

2. Get yourself unstuck by ensuring you don’t drag unfinished business into the New Year. Write down any tasks or activities you’ve been putting off, prioritize them in order of importance, schedule these tasks in your diary over the next few weeks, and commit yourself 100% to completing these tasks as scheduled. You’ll be grateful, relieved and proud when they’re done.

3. Set yourself up to kick-off 2018 feeling energized and confident about the year ahead. Do this by describing, very specifically, what you want to achieve by the end of 2018. Spend 15 minutes experiencing these outcomes as if they’ve already happened and notice how this makes you feel. This is the future reward you can get excited about right now… what a way to finish a year!

How to finish a great year, even stronger!

When things go well it’s so important for us to celebrate our successes, because this becomes a springboard for even greater success in the New Year.

Finish 2017 on a jubilant high and set yourself up for an even stronger 2018 in 3 simple steps:

1. Spend 5 focused minutes reminding yourself of all the amazing things you’ve achieved this year and write down at least 25 of the greatest wins, successes, breakthroughs, milestones, results and challenges you’ve overcome. This exercise reinforces your power to create successful outcomes and inspires you to set the bar even higher.

2. When you’re good, you’re good and to get better you want to know exactly what you’re good at. Invest 10 minutes homing in on and describing very specifically what your business and personal strengths are. When you know exactly what your strengths are you can capitalize on them even further and amplify your competitive edge.

3. Share the love… Take the time to express your sincere gratitude to those special people (including suppliers) who’ve helped make 2017 such a success. Grab a few pizzas and have a fun chat about what you did well, what worked, what you want to do more of and make each person feel special about the role they played no matter how small… you’ll have such an inspired team going into the New Year with you.

No matter what happened this year, you can decide to finish on a high and charge into the New Year with vitality, clarity and focus, knowing you have what it takes to make every year a success!

Here’s to you finishing 2017 strong and setting yourself up for an even stronger 2018!

Carmen Wilde
Business Coach & Breakthrough Specialist

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