What You Finish… Is What Makes Money [Video]


Why mastering the art of finishing matters

At Wilde Success, we’re so passionate about helping clients GET RESULTS, it borders on obsession, which is why I want to stress the importance of entrepreneurs and leaders mastering the art of FINISHING, and why this matters so much in the grand scheme of business success.

Whether it’s a new product or service to grow revenue streams, or an internal process or system to improve efficiencies or quality, as long as it’s a ‘work in progress’, it’s not out there growing your income, or improving efficiencies or quality!

Every day a project remains unfinished, is an opportunity lost, that slows down growth and hurts business results.

Getting started is the seed, getting it done is the fruit.

Many entrepreneurs and executives are good at starting new projects and ventures that show great promise of improving performance and profits, but few have mastered the art of getting them done quickly and efficiently.

Seasoned business leaders with a reputation for delivering results, tend to talk more about what they’ve DONE, than what they’re busy with, because they know that results come from implementation, not the idea.

Marisa Murgatroyd says… “not a lot of people are talking about finishing things, or the art of finishing strong… it doesn’t matter how many things you start, it matters how many things that you finish.”

Watch Marisa’s video, “The power of finishing”, which really drives home the importance of FINISHING if we want to run the most fulfilling and financially rewarding business.

More is Less

The more new projects you’re personally involved in, the less effective you become at getting them to a point of completion, because your attention, time and resources are diluted.

One project that’s off the ground is worth more to your business than 10 projects in progress.

Focus is key to taking a project from ideation to implementation, effectively and efficiently. And if you want to start enjoying the results of your innovations sooner, you need to either delegate projects to competent people, or prioritize the order in which you get projects going.

Why ‘Good enough’ contrary to popular belief, makes us more money than ‘Perfect’

Perfection is a myth… a bottomless pit that will drain your time, energy and resources until there’s nothing left.

Anyone who chases perfection, is chasing poverty.

So, one of the keys to finishing, is avoiding the perfection trap and getting your product, service or solution to the point where it’s ‘good enough’ to get it out there.

The trick is for you to define up front, what ‘good enough’ looks like, so you know what you’re aiming for, and you know when you get there.

It’s easy to get trapped into constantly working on something to refine and perfect it. But if it’s not complete and not out there, it’s not making money. And ironically, the best way to refine a product or service from ‘good to great’, is to get market feedback.

So the quicker it’s out there, the quicker it can be refined in a way that makes it even more attractive to your target market.

Don’t let the fear of failure get in the way of your success

We cannot anticipate every outcome or predict with certainty how the market will respond to a new product or service. We will encounter disappointments and even failure on our journey… everyone does.

But remember, we’ll only ever know if a project delivers the desired result when it’s implemented, which is another reason to get it going when it’s ‘good enough’. If the product is going to fail when it hits the market, no amount of perfecting it before implementation would change this. Because how could you ever know what you actually need to change or refine?

Focus on finishing because that’s where the money’s at!

Businesses grow and find their groove by making decisions, taking action, getting feedback and making adjustments on the way.

Even bad decisions or failures drive momentum and elicit invaluable feedback to build on so you can get even better at delivering the results you want.

To you becoming an even greater finisher and reaping HUGE rewards!

Carmen WildeBusiness Coach & Breakthrough Specialist

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Carmen Wilde is an expert Business Success Coach & Breakthrough Specialist helping business leaders master the hidden rules of success to unleash breakthrough business results in record time. Carmen's a professional speaker, writer, entrepreneur and developer of cutting-edge business success programs.

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Julie Botha - 15 February, 2018 Reply

Thanks for an outstanding article, Carmen. I am apply this principle from past discussions with you and Gary and am truly reaping the rewards. I am putting systems in place which help me get through larger volumes of work and give me space to follow up on current clients and “close the deal” for ongoing service to them. Before, I was not getting anything finished. I spent my day putting out fires instead of finishing what I started.
Each day is testimony to what you are saying and I am living the benefits right now.
Thank you so much for truly practical insights. They make all the difference to the all-important Bottom Line.

    Carmen Wilde - 22 February, 2018 Reply

    That’s just awesome to hear Jewel. Thank you for sharing this. I’m thrilled you’re seeing the benefits. It’s amazing how the smallest change can make the biggest difference. You’re doing great things.

    To you seeing that bottom line climb dramatically and continuously!!

john dely - 15 February, 2018 Reply

To true !!! Anyone my age can vouch for “finishing good enough” as apposed to not getting started.

Carmen Wilde - 22 February, 2018 Reply

Hey Jono,

Hehe… a great lesson that ‘younger’ entrepreneurs can benefit so much from. Your successes are testimony to you ‘finishing good enough’ which means you now get to play more.

Big smiles

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