Things not going your way? Get back on track with this simple mind hack!

At some point we all hit those moments in business when it feels like it’s all going wrong and everything we’re doing just isn’t working. But it’s just an illusion, a nasty mind trick that causes mental ‘scotoma’ i.e. when we only see what we believe is true and don’t see the full picture.

In the last 10 years of running my own businesses, I’ve hit tough spots more times than I care to remember and there’s a cool mind hack I’ve used to boost my energy and build forward momentum quickly.

When we dwell on what’s not working, it exacerbates the situation

I realized that when I dwelled on what wasn’t working, my field of vision was limited to only seeing the problems in my life which exacerbated the agony of the situation and made it feel way worse than it actually was. In effect I was actually lying to myself.

The mind hack that boosts energy and brings perspective

But when I took a few minutes to remind myself what was working and what was great in my life and business, I soon found my perception aligning with reality and noticed my energy lift as I gained a more accurate perspective of the situation.

And I found another treasure by consciously looking for the learning I could gain from the situation. When I could see the learning this immediately boosted my energy and invariably led me to the strategy I needed to turn things around.

This simple mind hack has become a trusted ally I turn to regularly to keep my energy buoyant and maintain a mentally and emotionally resourceful state. This has helped me always see the bigger picture and navigate through some of the toughest life circumstances and grueling business challenges. It’s one of the reasons I can bounce back from setbacks very quickly and come through the other side so much stronger.

So if you ever hit a tough spot and find your energy drained by dwelling on what’s going wrong, STOP and focus on what’s great and what is working to elevate your energy, re-engage your power to create and get back on track.

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