Are We Alive But Not Living? [Video]

How often does it feel like today is the same as yesterday, and the day before… and the day before…?

Despite all the sophisticated tools available to free up our time, we’re busier than ever. And to deal with the incessant busyness, we get stuck in more routines and habits that consume our day, which can make it feel like we’re living each day on repeat. Like every day is Groundhog Day (remember the movie?).

The very fabric of what makes us human is slowly being stripped away by a robotic form of living.

The signs of being alive but not living are like neon lights:

  • The same busy route to work each day,
  • The same coffee in the same mug,
  • The same restaurants,
  • The same greeting in the same tone,
  • The same stresses and worries etc.

A day devoid of variety and newness isn’t good for our business or our life.

The boredom and monotony stifles creativity and depletes our energy. Passion, excitement, motivation and inspiration go out the door.

It feels like we’re existing, not living… this isn’t what we signed up for!

So, what can we do to start living again?

How can we re-ignite the richness of being human and re-introduce the mystery and excitement that comes with variety and makes us feel like we’re truly living.

Could it be as simple as bringing simple back?

When we indulge more in those simple, yet richly human interactions that often don’t cost a cent but bring indescribable joy, like more personal connection and less virtual interaction, we tip the balance in favor of truly living!

Let’s break some of the robotic patterns that trap us in Groundhog Day and live more consciously in the moment.


  • Instead of the usual greeting, “Hi, how are you? I’m fine…”, start your day personally greeting everyone in the office and asking them about something that’s important to them.
  • Rather than meeting in the same room, and conducting the meeting in the same way… hold meetings outside or standing up to make things fun and interesting.
  • Instead of launching into the usual agenda and problems, start the meeting discussing what’s going right.
  • Instead of only seeing what people are doing wrong, catch them doing things right and compliment them.
  • Rather than writing an email or instant message to staff or suppliers, call them.
  • Change the atmosphere in the office by introducing colors, scents or even music if it works.
  • In your personal life, invite friends over for an unplugged get together… no technology, no complaints, just fun (okay you may have a few declines, but those who do accept are the kind of people you want to hang out with more often anyway).

We don’t have to wait for some unknown future to feel like we’re living.

There are simple things we can do every day to introduce variety, fun, playfulness and mystery that bring us back into the moment and touches us and those we interact with in special ways.

When we indulge in those truly human interactions it enriches every aspect of our lives. When we’re truly living, life is so much more meaningful.

Let’s dial into making each day more interesting with a lot less tech and a whole lot more personal interaction!

Carmen Wilde
Business Coach & Breakthrough Specialist

P.S. If you’re doing something that makes you feel like you’re truly living, we’d love to hear about it, share it with us in the comments section below.

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Carmen Wilde is an expert Business Success Coach & Breakthrough Specialist helping business leaders master the hidden rules of success to unleash breakthrough business results in record time. Carmen's a professional speaker, writer, entrepreneur and developer of cutting-edge business success programs.

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