The New Way to Connect is where Digital Meets Personal!

Connecting effectively with our customers and stakeholders is essential to ongoing business success! 

This means we need to always be tuned in, to how the market is evolving.

Look to the trends for direction

There’s brilliant market intelligence at our fingertips and it only takes a few minutes to dial into the latest business trends.

A new communication trend with old school flavor is emerging

It’s bizarre that we’ve never been as connected as we are today yet there’s something missing people are craving.

The novelty of social media and instant messaging has worn off and people now want more authentic, real connections with real people in real time.

How do these world’s blend?

Make no mistake, the use of digital platforms to connect is on the rise, but how people are using them is changing:

  • Recorded video is huge and is the most viewed content online, but live streaming is proving to be far more engaging.
  • You may start out making new connections and attending programs and events online, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to take this into live interactions, conferences and events to bring back the personal touch.
  • The most successful form of on-line learning is where an opportunity for greater user driven interaction is included e.g. problem-solving communities, ask the expert forums, mentoring and coaching elements that complement the online curriculum etc.
  • Your customers may be able to get general information about your products and services on your website but nothing beats an in-person call with a subject matter expert or even a live chat online.

It’s such an amazing surprise when we receive a call from someone we care about on our birthday, rather than a text message or email. Likewise, nothing says ‘I care’ more than making a call to a customer or supplier over an automated email.

These things have their place but they shouldn’t be the only way we connect with people.

In-person connections are simple to do and hugely effective!

Leaders who satisfy the need for more in-person connections, will grow their customer base of loyal, raving fans way faster than their competitors who don’t.

Here’s to making ‘digital meets personal’ work for you!

Carmen Wilde
Business Coach & Breakthrough Specialist

P.S. One of the greatest business success secrets is understanding the nuances and behavioral dynamics of personal connections and how this sets you apart in the market. Give yourself a massive edge in 2018, contact us to find out how you can engage with your customers and staff with greater influence and impact to achieve breakthrough business results.

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Carmen Wilde is an expert Business Success Coach & Breakthrough Specialist helping business leaders master the hidden rules of success to unleash breakthrough business results in record time. Carmen's a professional speaker, writer, entrepreneur and developer of cutting-edge business success programs.

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