Are You A Decision Away From Getting What You Want? [Video]

You’re either feeling liberated or debilitated, depending on which side of the decision you’re on!

Ever had the feeling you could, and should, be doing so much better in your business but something’s holding you back?

Well this is a strong signal a decision needs to be made.

The decision making trap

Jeremy owns a profitable plastic molding business he knows should be booming. Over the last 18 months profits have been dwindling because of product defects, resulting in customer complaints, returns, rework and ultimately lost business.

Three years ago, Jeremy employed an old school buddy as his production engineer. In the beginning Baden did well in his role, but soon his social life started affecting his work performance.

Jeremy tried a number of things to address the problem and even though he saw improvements at times, these were always temporary, before Baden reverted back to his old habits.

Jeremy knows, Baden’s got to go if he wants to revive his business, but keeps procrastinating around the decision because he’s plagued by other questions:

• “How do I fire my friend and still be friends?”
• “How am I going to deal with the backlash from his mom and our other buddies?”
• “How do I find the right person to replace Baden quickly?”
• “How do I handle the extra workload until I find that person?”

Even when the choice is clear, we don’t always make the decision because we spend too much time thinking about ‘HOW’ we’re going to make things happen once we’ve made the decision. And we tend to dwell on the downside of the decision, creating more worry, doubt, and sleepless nights.

This is when we become debilitated by a decision. It can literally stop us in our tracks and prevent us from making decisions that would solve the problem.

We don’t always give ourselves enough credit, as to how resourceful we are. We always figure out the “HOW” when we have to, yet we make this the excuse for not making decisions, putting ourself and our business in limbo.


Think about the tough business decisions you’ve made in the past, and I’m sure you’ll remember the sense of relief that came with knowing the decision was finally made!

When we make decisions, heaviness gives way to lightness, turmoil gives way to focus, and suddenly there’s motion where there was limbo before.

Decisions energize us to do what it takes to get what we want.

For some it can take months or even years to make a crucial decision, yet once the decision is made the feeling of liberation happens in an instant! Why wait and put ourselves through all that agony?

Every day Jeremy delayed his decision to fire Baden, he was introducing more risk to his business.

If you’ve been feeling stuck and know a decision’s been holding you back, ask yourself,
“What’s the cost to me of NOT making this decision?”

You could be a decision away from getting what you want, so go for it, JUST DECIDE™!

Carmen Wilde
Business Breakthrough Specialist

P.S. After realizing that every major breakthrough I experienced always followed a tough decision, my mantra became ‘Just Decide™’ and this included decisions like leaving the safety of the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and defying family history of financial struggle to achieve financial success etc. which is why my greatest passion is to support business leaders in making tough decisions and gearing them with powerful tools to unleash breakthrough results and achieve the Wilde Success they deserve!

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Carmen Wilde is an expert Business Success Coach & Breakthrough Specialist helping business leaders master the hidden rules of success to unleash breakthrough business results in record time. Carmen's a professional speaker, writer, entrepreneur and developer of cutting-edge business success programs.

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Colin - 31 August, 2017 Reply

Hello Carmen. Just this morning I was thinking how lucky I am to be living the life I am. However, if I had not made a number of incredibly crucial decisions in my life, things would be very different!! One decision I believe changed my life was to give up the security of corporate employment and become my own boss! If I had not made this scary decision I would not be living this life today.

Carmen Wilde - 31 August, 2017 Reply

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I resonate 100% with you Colin. It takes great courage to give up the security of a paycheck… yet there is reward for that courageous decision in the freedom to create as an entrepreneur and the boundless opportunities that become possible when you apply your mind. Well done on taking that huge step and creating the life you have today.

To your continued success

Colin - 31 August, 2017 Reply

Thank you Carmen
When you look back on your life you realize that you took much too long to make that crucial decision and that valuable time was lost because of the inability to “just decide.” However, it is never too late.

Julie Botha - 20 September, 2017 Reply

Your advice is always excellent. I have been stuck on the wrong side of getting my business exposure and realize how true it is that I need to take a chance and Just Decide which of the key avenues I need to pursue in order to grow my client base. I’ve decided to trust an outside source and get a rep to target strategic clients. Thanks for giving me that push!

Carmen Wilde - 20 September, 2017 Reply

Thanks Julie. Well done making the decision to get a rep. Wishing you much success!

To you seeing a dramatic growth in your client base

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