Work Less And Bank More Profit With This Simple Exercise

Are you on a work treadmill, or the fast track to success?

Are you running at full tilt, but feel like you’re on a treadmill because you’re not moving forward?

When under pressure to produce better results, the default response in business is to put in more effort, working harder and for longer hours. But this seldom produces the desired results!

We only have 24 hours a day and hey, at some point we need to sleep, and maybe even get a life!

So, if we cannot manufacture more hours in a day, how can we get off the work treadmill and onto the fast track to success, where the effort we put in actually gets us the results we want?

It’s what you do, not how much you do, that matters

Top performing business leaders are at the top, because they’re obsessed with results! They focus on outputs not inputs, because they know more effort seldom translates into better results… it’s the RIGHT effort that gets the best results.

Most of the time business leaders (and staff) spend their time doing what they want, what’s easy, what they enjoy, or what they think is important… which would be fine PROVIDED these activities deliver the output (results) they want. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case.

Rickard Koch said, “Very few things matter at all but those that do, matter enormously” when explaining the essence of the Pareto Principle (“80/20 Rule”, or “Law of the vital few”).

High-Performance leaders get this, and invest focused time in identifying those business activities that ‘matter enormously’ to ensure their priorities are geared for results… i.e. so they spend most of their time on the few activities that produce the biggest results.

If we want to get off the work treadmill and onto the fast track to winning results, we need to ‘back the winning horse’ when it comes to deciding which activities to focus our time on.

A few minutes of time to boost your bottom-line

Here’s a simple exercise you can do right now to reprioritise your work schedule and ensure you’re spending your time on the activities that will get you the results you want and put you on the fast track to success.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and write down all the tasks you do in any given week.
  2. Now assign a rating to each task on a scale of 1 to 10, where
    • 1 = Adds no value to results
    • 10 = Adds massive value to results
  3. Next, rewrite your list, prioritizing activities in the order of the value they add to results, from highest to lowest
  4. Finally, plan your day or week’s schedule of activities, with this prioritized list in mind.

If you start every day with a well-informed list of results-driven priorities, and you keep bringing yourself back to doing what ‘matters enormously’, you WILL see results!

Those who use their time best, WIN!

Time is one of the most valuable resources every business leader has. We can’t manufacture or buy time, but we can decide what we do with it. Those who choose wisely, give themselves a massive edge in business, driving down overheads, elevating productivity and efficiencies, and most importantly, supercharging results and profits.

Here’s to you working less and banking more profits.

To your Wilde Success!

Carmen Wilde
Business Breakthrough Specialist

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