Supercharge Business Results with 5 Power Traits [Video]

Take charge of your future with 5 Power Traits highly successful business leaders use to supercharge business results.

What do the most successful business leaders do differently to those who work just as hard but get sporadic results?

My quest to understand the drivers behind business success led to a search to uncover this difference.

While each success story is unique, a pattern started to emerge. There are 5 traits or qualities that the most successful leaders develop that enable them to achieve exceptional results consistently.

And the good news is anyone can develop these attributes.

Be the Determinator of your Success with these 5 Power Traits

If you want to take charge of your future and be the determinator of your success, these are the 5 key attributes you want to develop:

  1. DETERMINATION to succeed
  2. DISCIPLINE to go the distance
  3. DECISIVENESS to build momentum
  4. DYNAMIC ability to resolve and evolve
  5. DO -or- DELEGATE to deliver results

As you will see each trait builds on the previous one so the inter-dependency cannot be ignored. Which means one weak link can bring the house down.

Let’s delve into each of these Power Traits…


If you consider the lives of highly successful leaders, one thing always stands out.

They have a compelling cause or objective they’re totally passionate about, which drives every thought, decision and action and fuels a level of DETERMINATION to succeed, that is second to none.

This kind of determination is an unstoppable force that keeps them moving forward no matter what obstacles they encounter.

In stark contrast, anyone whose goals are not driven by unswerving passion will flounder in the face of adversity, and lack the drive to push through when the going gets tough.

According to the Huffington Post, Richard Branson is the only entrepreneur to have built eight separate billion-dollar companies in eight different industries and he did it all without a degree in business.

When Richard Branson takes on a new project or challenge, his energy is fueled by a determination to do something he’s proud of, makes a real difference to other people’s lives and makes the world a better place for generations to come.

He says thriving on new challenges gives him energy and has earned him his title of ‘Dr Yes’ at Virgin.

DISCIPLINE to go the distance

No matter what your line of business, to be a success, you need the discipline to go the distance.

i.e. To stay in the game far longer than those who may lose steam along the way and then to maintain what you’re doing long enough to sustain success.

Discipline is a focus born from knowing what you want with all your heart, doing what it takes to get there and 
not letting anything distract you from reaching your goal.

Discipline is also about:

  • Having the strength to make short term sacrifices for the benefit of long term gains.
  • Having the mental discipline to remain focused on your objective and not be distracted by trivialities.
  • Being able to start your day with what’s most important.
  • Doing what’s right not what’s easy…
    • Which is easy when you have the determination to succeed.

DECISIVENESS to build momentum

One of the major bottlenecks in business is indecision which causes delays, inefficiencies, uncertainty, stress, tension, missed opportunities and further indecision.

Our job as business leaders is to drive business growth and success, which means we need to constantly be creating movement away from where we are, and building or maintaining momentum towards where we want to be and the best way to do this is to constantly make decisions.

Decisions drive forward momentum…even a bad decision can be better than no decision provided we learn from it.

When we have determination driven by a strong mission or objective which fuels the discipline to do what it takes to make it happen, making decisions to keep things moving forward or to bring things back on track is easy to do.

DYNAMIC ability to resolve and evolve

A powerful success secret drawn from NLP states, “the person with the most flexibility controls the system.”

Building a highly successful business requires that you constantly evolve your thinking, and decision making strategies, and adapt quickly to changing market needs.

Being change fit is no longer enough to be successful, you need to become adept at leading change and developing the resourcefulness, mental agility and dynamic ability to shift and even influence market conditions.

DO -or-DELEGATE to deliver results

We’re in an era where speed of execution is essential to business success. If we’re not changing as fast as the market is evolving we’re becoming irrelevant.

Which means we do not have the luxury to procrastinate or focus so much on being perfect that we don’t get things done fast enough.

It’s essential to delegate or outsource tasks to the right specialists to ensure we’re constantly moving forward.

We can have, unstoppable determination, discipline to go the distance, be decisive and even be dynamic in our approach, but if we don’t get things done fast enough, we expose ourselves to the risk of competitors filling that gap and stealing business from us even if our products or services are of superior quality.

With these 5 Power Traits in your arsenal, next level success is inevitable

We aren’t born with these traits but they are traits we want and will develop when we realize how important they are to driving our success.

So go for it, refine these 5 Power Traits and be the determinator of your success!

To Your Wilde Success

Carmen Wilde
Business Coach & Breakthrough Specialist


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