What’s the point of success if you aren’t happy?

I don’t know anyone who does not have a desire at some level to be successful and everyone I’ve ever met has at their core a burning need to find that special place called ‘happiness’.

Achieving success is a complex process in itself, if you have a desire to be both successful and happy…well that calls for a way of being that’s different to the typical hum drum of life. It calls for us to step out of the rat race, take stock of our lives and make time for more of the things that matter. For those moments that make life worth living.

How do you find that sweet spot where you’re both successful and happy?

That nirvana where both success and happiness can play together is determined by our actions and our habits. When you take a look into the lives of highly successful people, a pattern emerges, they’ve developed habits that energize them and bring about fulfillment and a sense of inner peace and happiness. And they build these habits into their daily schedules…they understand that our actions define us and when we do those things that nurture us everyday…happiness becomes a natural byproduct which fuels more success. A beautiful energy circle.

So what habits do highly successful people develop that also fuels their happiness?

I found this article called: ’25 Habits of successful and extremely happy people’ and resonated so much with the insights, I thought I’d share it with you.

The 25 habits are simple to implement yet can make a profound difference to how you feel on a daily basis.

By factoring power habits into my day, I experience greater fulfillment and happiness because my day starts more positively, I have more energy throughout the day and I end my day in gratitude. Some of the power habits I factor into my day include: A deep relaxation and meditation exercise before I get out of bed; a walk on the beach; listening to inspiring music; talking about what I want  to achieve that day with my partner; taking time out to have lunch and writing in my gratitude journal before I go to bed.

We spend countless hours chasing our career and business goals but what’s the point if we find the meaning in our lives and happiness levels are being squashed to the extent that we question the meaning of it all.

Factor a power habit into your daily schedule and enjoy the rewards

If you don’t already have power habits factored into your daily schedule, I challenge you to incorporate one from the list in this article and to keep adding more until you can say with pride that you’ve found the secret to being both successful and happy!

To you being successful and deliriously happy too!
Carmen Wilde

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